Ukuva iAfrica Hot Rocks: Camel Driver  

“ For two thousand years the camel caravans have navigated the ferocious desert, carrying the ‘Saharah Gold’ from the salt mines in the North to Timbuktu. The caravaneers - having to travel very lightly - would mash fresh chillies into coarse salt to carry as travelling condiment...”

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SMOKED HOT ROCKS: Salt, smoked chilli & paprika, garlic, onion, ginger, mustard and basil: just a touch of smoke...

HOT ROCKS HOT: Salt, chilli, paprika oil: pure chilli salt - no frills!

HOT ROCKS MILD: Salt, chilli, lime oil, paprika oil: chilli salt with a fresh edge of lime.

HOT ROCKS GARLIC & ONION: Salt, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, mustard seed, basil, paprika oil, celery - great for salad and vegetables!

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