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Turqle is the brand guardian of Ukuva iAfrica

Turqle Trading • 158 Briza Rd • Tableview • 7441 • Cape Town • • • +27(0)215563918



Rex Imports Australia
16 Shardlow Loop
Carine WA 6020


The House of Fair Trade
JA Wetter-grens gata 6
42130 Västra Frölunda
031 224696


Karin Keil
Rebackerweg 26
CH -8305 Dietlikon
+41(0)44 942 1052
+41(0)76 533 1949


Just Trading Scotland Ltd
Wallneuk Road
Paisley PA3 4BT UK
Tel: +44(0)1418872882

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532 Baltimore Blvd, Suite 409
Westminster, MD 21157
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Please contact us with any questions at
You can also phone us at 541-684-0688 - Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

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Products are manufactured at facilities that conform to international food safety standards: HACCP or BRC.

Turqle undertakes regular food safety and social audits at all production fascilities. The fascilities are also Halaal and Koscher. All products are shipped on positive release (this means that every batch is checked against the microbiological and chemical specifications agreed with the importer.)

Each product has a fully developed specification sheet. Labels are adapted to conform to the label regulations of the importing country.

All products ship FOB out of Cape Town South Africa. Approx shipment to Rotterdam 16 days.

Ukuva iAfrica Ship leaving Cape Town Harbour


On the label of each product, Turqle Trading (Ukuva's 'brand parent') promises:

"The World Fair Trade Organization ( guarantees that Turqle Trading is a Fair Trade Organisation. Turqle pays 2.5% of the export price of this product to the Fair Trade Trust for the education of the workers and their families. The wire and beadwork is made by hand at Cape Mental Health Society."

WFTO is a global organisation of fair traders. It is a membership driven organisation - this means members have a say and are involved in the running and decision making of the organisation. A product carrying the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade logo means the producer organisation has been guaranteed fair trade by WFTO. Turqle - as a guaranteed fair trade member of WFTO - regularly conduct social audits with our suppliers. Want to know more?

Turqle pays 2.5% of the export price of this product to the Fair Trade Trust for the education of the workers and their families. Some of our customers match Turqle's contribution, which means more people have a chance to get a better education. For more information on the activities of the Fair Trade Trust:

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The stories of the traveller are - by definition - stories... but the food and the recipes are 'real'.

Many of the stories are based on the experiences of the traveller (and at times 'the traveller' in the tale were different people - fellow travellers or enchanting strangers...).

To protect individuals, names and locations have often been changed.

Some of the stories, recipes and suggestions are borrowed - where possible with the permission of the authors - and where it was not possible to get permission, we hope the acknowledgements in the narative will be sufficient.

Links are included in context.

If you would like us to add or delete a link - let us know.

Most of the images and photographs are our own, stock images purchased from a variety of agencies - but some have crept into the picture archives without notes about where they came from and who took them.

While we have made every effort to ensure we have appropriate permission for the images used in this site, the origin of some of the composite pics were not traceable.

Anyone wishing to use our photographs are welcome to contact us, we will gladly share our own photographs for non-commercial use.

We post the content of this site in good faith and trust anyone using the information, will honour our intention.

The opinions we express are our own and (unless we quote them directly), are not the opinions of other people, organisation or groups.

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© Turqle Trading since 1997
All Rights Reserved
Ukuva iAfrica © brand is the property of Nigel Wood and licenced to Turqle Trading. Nigel Wood hereby asserts his rights as the owner of the logo, the name Ukuva iAfrica and the phrase "A taste of Africa” used in context with Ukuva iAfrica, the Ukuva iAfrica Logo and Turqle Trading.

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